The Thales nShield Connect XC is a network-attached hardware security module (HSM) delivering secure cryptographic services as a shared resource for multiple applications and virtual machines. With exceptional performance and operational ease, the Connect XC seamlessly safeguards mission-critical PKIs, SSL/TLS, and other enterprise transactions.

The Thales nShield Solo XC is a PCIe card hardware security module (HSM) delivering secure cryptographic services to a single server. Supporting accelerated crypto transactions and expanded capacity for critical applications, the Solo XC safeguards payments processing, database management, and other enterprise communications.

payShield 9000is esigned specifically for payments applications, payShield 9000 from Thales e-Security is a proven hardware security module (HSM) that performs tasks such as PIN protection and validation, transaction processing, payment card issuance, and key management. payShield 9000 is used in an estimated 80% of the world’s payment card transactions.