DATA WIDE delivery and sourcing capabilities provide organizations with the right people, skills and industry expertise to deliver technology, outsourcing, and industry-specific services with greater consistency, quality and productivity.

Data protection solutions demand high availability, and our customer support programs are designed for fast response to your service requests. All of our plans ensure our customers can

  • Troubleshoot, repair or replace our products quickly to avoid risk to sensitive data

  • Draw upon the knowledge of highly experienced technicians

  • Eliminate high costs of product repair or replacement

  • Minimize network downtime and disruption to business

  • Maintain high availability of mission-critical data

Services Portfolio

DATA WIDE offers a portfolio of customer-support services that is fine-tuned to serve the specific needs of different organizations. We support customers’ critical business IT solutions by providing IT Infrastructure Services and Application Services. We also offer managed services and Strategic Outsourcing that enables organizations to concentrate on their core business, generate added value for their operations, and enhance their productivity