Data Wide is a renowned Information technology company slanted towards delivering restructured IT & Information Security solutions and services to the diversified industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Dawn of Data Wide company was in the year 2014 when it made its first exclusive strategic alliance with one of the most dominant names in the e-security sector of the world. Because of Data Wide’s cutting edge services in the field of IT and Information Security; it has covered the entire financial sector of Saudi Arabia securing and maintaining the most sensitive and confidential financial network of trillions of Dollars.

Over a very short period of time; Data Wide has incorporated with companies of excellent repute which reinforced it to dynamically develop and expand its line of business and infiltrate the market in a broader and diverse aspect.

Data wide has gained substantiated proficiency through the contracts it has carried out with its partners in different sectors and various specializations which has sorted out Data Wide as one of the leading national companies in the IT & Information Security field where Quality & Dedication are the trademarks of it.

Data Wide has persisted in emerging its all operational and managerial resources which has made it a reliable counselor to all clienteles benefiting from the services of Data Wide

“Our Strength”

We are relentless in our capability to contribute & develop the beliefs of modern IT and InfoSec technology in the contemporary era of globalization. Our comprehensive team consist of leaders, experts, consultants, engineers, technicians and top market professionals with all their dedication enables Data Wide to solidify hindrances towards availing the opportunity to proffer the cutting-edge services to the clients they deserve.


Leading high-tech industry by becoming a renowned technology service provider.


Providing innovative IT and InfoSec products and services in order to keep up with the globalization of the modern era.