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Web Application Firewall by Imperva

Web Application Firewall App & API protection services by Imperva

The Imperva WAF plays a crucial role in a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) stack, safeguarding your system from the edge to the database, ensuring that only desired traffic reaches you.

Our top-notch website protection solution is industry-leading, offering PCI compliance, automated security with integrated analytics that surpasses OWASP Top 10 coverage. It also mitigates risks arising from third-party code.

Imperva Web Application Firewall can effectively secure:

Web Application Firewall App & API protection Solutions by Data Wide

In today’s data-driven world, web applications (apps) and APIs are the backbone of many businesses. However, these valuable assets are constantly under attack from cybercriminals. Data Wide’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) & API Protection Solutions provide an impenetrable shield to safeguard your applications and APIs from malicious activity.

Why Choose Data Wide for WAF & API Protection?

Next-Generation WAF Technology

We deploy advanced WAFs that go beyond basic signature-based detection, offering features like machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify and block zero-day attacks.

Comprehensive API Security

Our solutions secure your APIs from unauthorized access, data breaches, and other API-specific threats.

DDoS Mitigation

We safeguard your applications and APIs from Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks that can cripple your online presence.

Expert Security Team

Our team of certified professionals possesses extensive knowledge of WAF configuration, API security best practices, and threat detection.

24/7 Monitoring & Support

We provide continuous monitoring of your WAF and API security posture, ensuring they remain effective and responding promptly to security

Benefits of Data Wide's WAF & API Protection Solutions:

  • Enhanced Application Security: Block common web application attacks like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and code injection.
  • Improved API Security: Protect your APIs from unauthorized access, data breaches, and manipulation attempts.
  • Reduced Downtime: Minimize disruptions caused by cyberattacks, ensuring application and API availability.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Our solutions can help you meet industry-specific data security compliance requirements.
  • Peace of Mind: With Data Wide’s WAF & API protection, you can focus on innovation and growth, knowing your digital assets are secure.

Data Wide: Your Trusted Partner for Web App & API Security

Don’t leave your web applications and APIs vulnerable to cyberattacks. Contact Data Wide today for a free consultation to discuss your specific WAF and API security needs. Our experts will recommend the most effective solution to safeguard your valuable digital assets.

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