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Safeguard Essential Data and Intellectual Property During the Most Vulnerable Moments.

Fortra Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP: Stop Data Loss Before It Starts

In today’s increasingly mobile and cloud-centric work environment, data security is more critical than ever. Fortra’s Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP (Data Loss Prevention) empowers businesses to take control by safeguarding sensitive information at its most vulnerable point: the endpoint.

Why Choose Fortra Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP?

Key Features of Fortra Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Fortra Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP: Your Endpoint Security Champion

By deploying Fortra Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP, you can significantly strengthen your organization’s data security posture. It empowers you to:

Prevent Data Breaches

Proactively stop data exfiltration attempts and safeguard your sensitive information.

Ensure Compliance

Meet the data security requirements of industry regulations and data privacy laws.

Empower Your Workforce

Educate employees on data security best practices and foster a culture of data accountability.

Ready to Take Control of Your Data Security?

Contact Fortra today to schedule a demo and discover how Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP can revolutionize your endpoint security strategy.

Data Wide and Fortra: Your Powerful Partnership for Endpoint DLP with Digital Guardian

Unifying Expertise for Unparalleled Data Protection

Data Wide, a leader in data security solutions, is proud to partner with Fortra (formerly HelpSystems), a recognized cybersecurity powerhouse, to deliver the industry-leading Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP solution. This collaboration brings together Data Wide’s in-depth industry knowledge and Fortra’s advanced data protection technology to create a comprehensive solution that empowers you to safeguard your sensitive data at the endpoint.

Why Choose Data Wide and Fortra for Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP?

Benefits of Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Deeper Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into data activity across your endpoints, both on and off the network.

Comprehensive Protection

Safeguard a wide range of data types, including PII, intellectual property, and financial information.

Granular Control

Implement granular DLP policies to prevent data loss through various channels.

Reduced Insider Threats

Mitigate the risk of data breaches from both malicious and unintentional insider activity.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Identify and respond to data security threats in real-time to minimize damage.

Data Wide and Fortra: Your Trusted Partners in Endpoint DLP

By choosing Data Wide and Fortra for Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP, you gain a powerful combination of advanced technology, industry expertise, and exceptional support. We empower you to:

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