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Hardware Security for Servers and Applications with ProtectServer HSMs

ProtectServer HSMs: Hardware Security for Servers and Applications

Protect cryptographic keys from compromise by utilizing Thales ProtectServer Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) to offer encryption, signing, and authentication services.

Application developers have the capability to design and run their own firmware within the secure environment of these versatile HSMs. Referred to as functionality modules, these toolkits offer a complete solution for creating and implementing custom firmware.

A variety of options are available in terms of cost, performance, and form-factors.

ProtectServer HSMs Overview: The Importance

Customizable and Scalable

Integrate ProtectServer HSMs on the same or different subnets, allowing sharing across various networks to safeguard multiple business domains with diverse symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic performance levels.

Extensive APIs

Users and developers can easily integrate cryptography and HSMs into a wide range of pre-integrated third-party solutions or custom applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the creation, download, and storage of custom-specific functionality modules (FMs) within the secure confines of the HSM.

Software Emulator

Developers can test and debug custom firmware on a desktop computer using the comprehensive software emulator, offering flexible development tools. Test applications without needing a ProtectServer HSM installation. Upon readiness, install the HSM and switch communication to the hardware without requiring software modifications.

Reliable Hardware

Enjoy superior performance with dependable, high-quality components and a consistent architecture across all ProtectServer HSM models.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated

The FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated cryptographic module in ProtectServer HSMs ensures secure cryptographic processing with high assurance. Designed for industry-standard security applications, ProtectServer HSMs operate within a tamper-protected environment, securing sensitive information, cryptographic keys, PINs, and data.

Native Blockchain Algorithm Support

Use ProtectServer HSMs to encrypt digital wallets and sign blockchain entries. These HSMs support BIP32, Milenage, and Tuak algorithms, along with the SECP256k1 elliptic curve.

Swappable Dual AC Power Supplies

ProtectServer 3+ External HSMs feature dual swappable AC power supplies for high-availability data centers, guarding against power failures. They allow connecting the appliance to two separate power sources to ensure business continuity in case of a power source malfunction, facilitating maintenance or replacement of a failed power supply or power feed while ensuring uninterrupted device operation.

Hardware Security for Servers and Applications

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