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payShield Manager for HSMs

payShield Manager by Thales for HSMs

payShield Manager provides local and remote management features tailored for payShield 10K and payShield 9000 HSMs. This solution allows for remote HSM operation through a standard browser interface.

By utilizing smart card access control, secure connections with HSMs can be established. Additionally, payShield Manager facilitates remote key management, security configuration, and software and license updates.

Benefits of payShield Manager

Enhance Efficiency

  • Centralize management of HSMs across all sites for improved efficiency.
  • The solution facilitates streamlined software and license upgrades and offers an intuitive interface to minimize the risk of errors.

Achieve Maximum Flexibility

  • With payShield Manager, simplify logistics and enjoy the freedom of remote access from any preferred location.
  • Monitor HSM status remotely to promptly detect any potential issues.

Ensure Robust Control

  • Implement controls tailored to individual tasks and roles.
  • Enforce stringent access controls based on digital credentials instead of traditional physical keys.

Secure Your Future.

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