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Centralize and streamline data security policies and key management across all locations with Next Generation Enterprise Key Management.

CipherTrust Manager by Thales | Enterprise Key Management Solutions

CipherTrust Manager provides a leading enterprise key management solution that empowers organizations to centrally manage encryption keys, control access, and set security policies effectively. It serves as the central management hub for the CipherTrust Data Security Platform, handling key lifecycle functions such as generation, rotation, and destruction. The platform offers role-based access control, robust auditing, reporting capabilities, and a developer-friendly REST API.

Available in virtual and physical appliances, CipherTrust Manager seamlessly integrates with FIPS 140-2 compliant Thales Luna or third-party Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for secure key storage with the highest level of trust. These appliances can be deployed on-premises in physical or virtual infrastructures, as well as in public cloud environments to meet compliance requirements and industry standards for data security. The unified management console simplifies policy setting, data discovery, classification, and data protection across the CipherTrust Data Security Platform products.

The Advantages of CipherTrust Manager by Thales

Simplified Management

Integrate ProtectServer HSMs on the same or different subnets, allowing sharing across various networks to safeguard multiple business domains with diverse symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic performance levels.

Cloud-Friendly Deployment

Users and developers can easily integrate cryptography and HSMs into a wide range of pre-integrated third-party solutions or custom applications. The Software Development Kit (SDK) enables the creation, download, and storage of custom-specific functionality modules (FMs) within the secure confines of the HSM.

Flexible Form Factors

Developers can test and debug custom firmware on a desktop computer using the comprehensive software emulator, offering flexible development tools. Test applications without needing a ProtectServer HSM installation. Upon readiness, install the HSM and switch communication to the hardware without requiring software modifications.

3 Important features of CipherTrust Manager

CipherTrust Manager by Thales

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