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payShield Trusted Management Device

payShield Trusted Management Device

The payShield Trusted Management Device (TMD) by Thales is a user-friendly, compact secure cryptographic device (SCD) designed to manage symmetric keys securely. It complies with key security standards such as X9 TR-31, ANSI X9.24-1, and PCI PIN Security.

Unlike conventional methods, TMD can perform key management tasks without physically connecting to a production HSM, offering operational flexibility without compromising security. With a single TMD, multiple payment HSMs in various data centers can generate keys efficiently, allowing significant payment processors to produce and distribute numerous symmetric keys accurately and securely, thus reducing data entry mistakes.

Highlights of Trusted Management Device

Encrypts sensitive key information at point of entry via secure touch screen.

Enforces strong role-based authentication for critical tasks.

Supports choice of output formats for keys and components.

Offers use of QR codes to streamline key sharing and reduce data entry errors.

Presents compact, intuitive, self-contained PCI HSM v3 KLD solution for use anywhere.

Secure Your Future.

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