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FIPS certified hardware-based HSM security offered as a service.

What is Luna HSMs Cloud based by Thales?

Luna HSMs are a line of high-assurance hardware security modules (HSMs) offered by Thales, a major French multinational electronics company. HSMs are specialized devices that provide a secure environment for storing, protecting, and managing cryptographic keys.

These keys are essential for various security functions, including:

Luna HSMs come in different varieties to suit various needs:

Here are some key benefits of Luna HSMs:

High-assurance security

Luna HSMs are built with tamper-resistant hardware and rigorously tested to meet the most stringent security standards.

Broad range of applications

Luna HSMs can be used for various security functions, making them a versatile solution for diverse business needs.

Ease of integration

Luna HSMs integrate seamlessly with a wide range of applications and cloud platforms.


Luna HSMs can scale to meet the growing security demands of your organization.

If you’re a business in KSA or UAE looking for robust payment security solutions, Thales Luna HSMs are definitely worth considering, especially when combined with HSM services offered by data centers.

Cloud-based HSM services in KSA & UAE

  • Data Protection on Demand provides a range of Cloud-based HSM services on its online platform. With Luna Cloud HSM services, clients can securely store and manage cryptographic keys, creating a unified root of trust for all applications and services while maintaining full key control.
  • HSMs are utilized for cryptographic operations like data encryption key encryption/decryption, safeguarding passwords, SSH keys, etc., across various environments.
  • With Thales hybrid Luna HSMs, users can seamlessly transition between cloud, hybrid, and on-premises setups for cloning, backups, and more, ensuring control.
  • Customers can easily access the needed protection, set up services, apply security policies, and receive usage reports promptly via the online marketplace.
  • Data Protection on Demand offers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified hardware-based HSM security combined with the convenience of cloud services.
  • Luna Cloud HSM services cater to various use cases such as digital signing, code signing, PKI, blockchain, and IoT.
  • Moreover, Data Protection on Demand continually expands its Luna Cloud HSM services portfolio, focusing on integrations with key security partners like CyberArk, Microsoft, and Oracle TDE.

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