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‘Complete Preparation for Ransomware’

Get information security teams and management ready for ransomware attacks by conducting hyper-realistic ransomware simulations to reduce financial losses.

Cyber Range Solutions for Organisations | CyberBit

Cyberbit is proud to partner with the FS-ISAC organization in offering ransomware cyber range exercises to the financial sector. Hundreds of information security professionals have already taken part in these exercises.

Ransomware Training Programs | CyberBit

Equip your SOC and IR team with the specialized skills needed to combat ransomware effectively. Gain insights into ransomware investigation techniques and the utilization of security tools like SIEM and EDR to analyze and mitigate ransomware incidents swiftly, reducing financial losses by responding promptly.

Get the C-Suite Ready for Ransomware Attacks | CyberBit

Cyberbit’s Crisis Simulation Platform enables top executives to practice making decisions and coordinating internal procedures necessary at the management level in the event of a ransomware attack, while working closely with the information security team.

Sharpen Your Defenses: Why Cyber Range Solutions Are Essential for Organizations

The cybersecurity landscape is a battlefield, and organizations need effective training grounds to prepare for real-world cyberattacks. This is where Cyber Range Solutions come in. These interactive platforms simulate real-world attack scenarios, allowing security teams to hone their skills, test defenses, and identify vulnerabilities in a safe, controlled environment.

What are Cyber Range Solutions?

Cyber ranges are simulated environments that replicate complex IT infrastructures, including networks, servers, applications, and operating systems. These platforms allow security teams to:

Why are Cyber Range Solutions Important for Organizations?

Here’s why investing in cyber range solutions is crucial for organizational security:

Improved Security Preparedness

Security teams gain valuable hands-on experience through simulated attacks, increasing their readiness to respond effectively to real-world threats.

Reduced Risk of Breaches

Proactive testing helps identify vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them, minimizing the risk of data breaches and costly downtime.

Enhanced Security Posture

By testing security measures and refining incident response plans, organizations can significantly strengthen their overall security posture.

Upskilled Security Teams

Cyber ranges provide continuous learning opportunities for security professionals, ensuring they stay current with the latest cyber threats and attack techniques.

Improved Decision Making

The ability to experiment with different security strategies in a simulated environment empowers teams to make informed decisions regarding security investments.

Benefits of Utilizing Cyber Range Solutions:

Realistic Attack Simulations

Replicate real-world attack scenarios with varying levels of complexity to cater to different skill levels within security teams.

Customizable Training Environments

Configure cyber ranges to mirror your organization's specific IT infrastructure and security stack for targeted training.

Performance Measurement

Track the effectiveness of security teams' response strategies and identify areas for improvement.


Adapt cyber range training to accommodate growing security teams and evolving security needs.

Invest in Your Security Team's Success

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